Ingenuity is the ability to think creatively about a situation or to solve problems in a clever way. If you want to build a boat out of toothpicks and yarn, you’ll need a lot of ingenuity.

The Latin word for “mind, intellect” is a root of ingenuity, and it takes a bright and fast-thinking intellect to use ingenuity in a situation. Athletes show ingenuity all the time, finding exciting ways to outwit their opponents and to achieve victory. Master criminals rely on their ingenuity in order to evade the law when they are chased. Ingenuity is all about imagination, and an imaginative mind knows that every obstacle can be overcome with a little ingenuity.

Definitions of ingenuity

n the power of creative imagination

cleverness, ingeniousness, inventiveness
imagination, resource, resourcefulness
the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems
armory, armoury, inventory
a collection of resources
Type of:
creative thinking, creativeness, creativity
the ability to create

n the property of being ingenious

“a plot of great ingenuity
cleverness, ingeniousness
Type of:
high quality, superiority
the quality of being superior

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