Cleverness is the quality someone has when they're funny and smart or inventive. If you're wise and witty, your cleverness is likely to make school a breeze.

It takes cleverness to solve a tricky logic problem, and it takes a slightly different kind of cleverness to tell a joke really well or come up with a funny response. When a person is clever, they're either very smart and quick-thinking, or they're witty. The meaning of cleverness has evolved over time, including meaning "attractiveness" and "agreeableness" in some dialects.

Definitions of cleverness

n intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty

brightness, smartness
Type of:
the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience

n the power of creative imagination

ingeniousness, ingenuity, inventiveness
imagination, resource, resourcefulness
the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems
armory, armoury, inventory
a collection of resources
Type of:
creative thinking, creativeness, creativity
the ability to create

n the property of being ingenious

“the cleverness of its design”
ingeniousness, ingenuity
Type of:
high quality, superiority
the quality of being superior

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