Improvidence is a tendency to act rashly, without carefully thinking things through first. It was your own improvidence that led you to spend all your money on video games instead of saving for your upcoming trip to Disneyland.

You may think of your tendency to stand up in moving vehicles or jump from high places as spontaneity or playfulness, but it can also be seen as improvidence. Spending money irresponsibly or extravagantly is also commonly described as improvidence. However you use this word, it should always convey a lack of foresight, or neglecting to think about the future. The Latin roots are im-, "not," and providentia, "foresight."

Definitions of improvidence
  1. noun
    a lack of prudence and care by someone in the management of resources
    synonyms: shortsightedness
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    the prudence and care exercised by someone in the management of resources
    extravagance, prodigality, profligacy
    the trait of spending extravagantly
    thriftlessness, waste, wastefulness
    the trait of wasting resources
    type of:
    a lack of caution in practical affairs
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