Wastefulness is a habit of using things carelessly or recklessly. To combat wastefulness in the cafeteria, your environmental club might develop a proposal for composting uneaten food and reducing the use of paper napkins.

Wastefulness takes many forms, from leaving the sink on while you slowly brush your teeth (which wastes water) to lounging for hours in front of a mindless TV show you don't even enjoy (which wastes your valuable time). There's also the wastefulness of a company overpaying for office supplies, or the extravagant wastefulness of a lavish party with ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, and piles of expensive food.

Definitions of wastefulness

n the trait of wasting resources

“the wastefulness of missed opportunities”
thriftlessness, waste
Type of:
improvidence, shortsightedness
a lack of prudence and care by someone in the management of resources

n useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly

dissipation, waste
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work of little or no value done merely to look busy
waste of effort, waste of energy
a useless effort
waste of material
a useless consumption of material
waste of money
money spent for inadequate return
waste of time
the devotion of time to a useless activity
extravagance, high life, highlife, lavishness, prodigality
excessive spending
spending resources lavishly and wastefully
prodigious squandering (usually by a government)
Type of:
any specific behavior

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