Use the word horde to describe a large crowd: “A horde of people followed the pop star as he left the airport in Helsinki.”

The noun horde is not for the sedate — the word typically is used to describe a group that is in motion, maybe even a little unruly, such as a horde of fans pursuing a film star or a horde of ants invading a picnic. If you are describing a calm, orderly gathering, the word group or crowd may be a better choice. You can save horde for the next time you need to describe, for example, your experience at a pre-Christmas sale (“A horde of holiday shoppers rushed toward the last discounted television set”).

Definitions of horde

n a vast multitude

host, legion
Type of:
concourse, multitude, throng
a large gathering of people

n a moving crowd

drove, swarm
Type of:
a large number of things or people considered together

n a nomadic community

Golden Horde
a Mongolian army that swept over eastern Europe in the 13th century
Type of:
a group of people living in a particular local area

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