A swarm is a good word for a large group of bees going on the attack — not good news. Like bees, any group of people or animals can be considered a swarm if they act together and quickly — even fiercely.

On a hot day, when an ice-cream truck shows up, it's usually greeted by a swarm of hot, hungry kids. People at a concert can be a swarm — and people in the swarm can be hurt, because there's lots of pushing and shoving. When tickets for a popular movie go on sale, a swarm of people will swarm the theater. As you can see, swarm works as either a noun or verb, and people could teach bees a thing or two about swarming.

Definitions of swarm

n a group of many things in the air or on the ground

“a swarm of insects obscured the light”
infestation, plague
a swarm of insects that attack plants
Type of:
group, grouping
any number of entities (members) considered as a unit

n a moving crowd

drove, horde
Type of:
a large number of things or people considered together

v move in large numbers

pour, pullulate, stream, teem
pour out, spill out, spill over
be disgorged
Type of:
crowd, crowd together
to gather together in large numbers

v be teeming, be abuzz

“The garden was swarming with bees”
pullulate, teem
be full of
Type of:
buzz, hum, seethe
be noisy with activity

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