A throng is a crowd of people or animals. On the crowded platform, the throng of passengers attempted to push their way into the already overcrowded subway car.

When used as a noun, throng means a tightly packed crowd of people or animals. As a verb, it means to push together or squeeze into an area. The science fiction movie fans thronged into the auditorium when they heard their favorite actor had entered the building. The word comes to us from the Middle English term meaning "push" or "force one's way," which is exactly what you'd have to do if you got stuck inside a throng of people.

Definitions of throng
  1. noun
    a large gathering of people
    synonyms: concourse, multitude
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    a teeming multitude
    horde, host, legion
    a vast multitude
    herd, ruck
    a crowd especially of ordinary or undistinguished persons or things
    type of:
    assemblage, gathering
    a group of persons together in one place
  2. verb
    press tightly together or cram
    synonyms: jam, mob, pack, pile
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    type of:
    crowd, crowd together
    to gather together in large numbers
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