Other forms: goriest; gorier; gorily

Use the word gory to describe something that features a lot of bloodshed and violence, like a horror movie in which victims are axed to death by a madman. Some people love gory movies like that, and others refuse to watch them.

Something that is gory often involves both violence and bloodshed, but it can also describe something that is merely blood, like the gory photographs depicting a root canal procedure in a dental assistant textbook. Gory can describe unpleasant, embarrassing things, like saying of your brother’s bad behavior over the holidays, “I’ll spare you the gory details about his meltdown at the family Christmas party.”

Definitions of gory
  1. adjective
    covered with blood
    “a gory dagger”
    synonyms: bloodstained
    having or covered with or accompanied by blood
  2. adjective
    accompanied by bloodshed
    synonyms: butcherly, sanguinary, sanguineous, slaughterous
    having or covered with or accompanied by blood
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