To found something is like laying a "foundation" for a building — note the similarity? But instead of a building, you might found a business or a charity, where you establish the groundwork upon which it can grow.

The verb found goes back to the Latin word fundus, meaning "bottom," which in turn led to fundāre, meaning "to lay the bottom of something." If you were to found a library, they might build a statue of you near the entrance. If you're having trouble finding the library, look for a statue with a familiar face.

Definitions of found
  1. noun
    food and lodging provided in addition to money
    “they worked for $30 and found
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    type of:
    earnings, pay, remuneration, salary, wage
    something that remunerates
  2. adjective
    come upon unexpectedly or after searching
    found art”
    “the lost-and- found department”
    found after being lost
    rescued; especially from the power and consequences of sin
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    no longer in your possession or control; unable to be found or recovered
    mislaid, misplaced
    lost temporarily; as especially put in an unaccustomed or forgotten place
    no longer retained
    not able to be found
    squandered, wasted
    not used to good advantage
    (of an animal) having no home or having wandered away from home
    unable to find your way
    spiritually or physically doomed or destroyed
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  3. verb
    set up or found
    synonyms: establish, launch, set up
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    abolish, get rid of
    do away with
    type of:
    open, open up
    start to operate or function or cause to start operating or functioning
  4. verb
    set up or lay the groundwork for
    synonyms: constitute, establish, institute, plant
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    set or place definitely
    appoint, constitute, name, nominate
    create and charge with a task or function
    set up a committee or legislative body with one's own supporters so as to influence the outcome
    appoint summarily or commandeer
    type of:
    initiate, pioneer
    take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of
  5. verb
    use as a basis for; found on
    synonyms: base, establish, ground
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    found or ground
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