Use the noun foresight to describe successful planning for the future. When it starts raining hard during your long walk to school, you'll wish you had the foresight to bring an umbrella.

The word foresight is made of two parts: fore, which means "before," and sight, which means "to perceive." People often perceive things with their eyes: this is vision, or sight. But vision can also describe what someone thinks will happen in the future — and foresight is planning for things before they happen.

Definitions of foresight

n seeing ahead; knowing in advance; foreseeing

farsightedness, prevision, prospicience
Type of:
a clear and certain mental apprehension

n providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future

foresightedness, foresightfulness
Type of:
the prudence and care exercised by someone in the management of resources

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