Something fictive is made up, straight from someone's imagination. A con artist might create a fictive persona in order to dupe a rich heiress.

Along with fictitious and fictional, fictive is an adjective related to fiction. They all come from the Latin word fictus meaning "to form," because they have to do with things formed in the imagination. Calling something or someone fictive suggests it has been invented for a special purpose, such as a character in a story that makes a point about society in general. Anthropologists are also fans of the word fictive: if you have an Aunt Mary but she's not technically your aunt, then she's what is known as "fictive kin."

Primary Meanings of fictive

capable of imaginative creation
adopted in order to deceive
Full Definitions of fictive

adj capable of imaginative creation

fictive talent”
creative, originative
having the ability or power to create, especially something new or imaginative

adj adopted in order to deceive

fictive sympathy”
assumed, false, fictitious, pretended, put on, sham
counterfeit, imitative
not genuine; imitating something superior

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