Fictitious means made up, or imaginary. No matter how real Scarlett O'Hara might seem in "Gone With the Wind," she's a fictitious character invented by author Margaret Mitchell.

When you look at the word fictitious, you'll probably notice that it bears a striking resemblance to fiction — which is an imaginary story about people and events that are made up for the purpose of entertaining readers. Fictitious can also be used to mean "trick or deceive." A thief assumes a fictitious name to hide his real identity and evade capture.

Definitions of fictitious
  1. adjective
    formed or conceived by the imagination
    synonyms: fabricated, fancied, fictional
    lacking in reality or substance or genuineness; not corresponding to acknowledged facts or criteria
  2. adjective
    adopted in order to deceive
    “a fictitious address”
    synonyms: assumed, false, fictive, pretended, put on, sham
    counterfeit, imitative
    not genuine; imitating something superior
Commonly confused words

fictional / fictitious / fictive

Fictional, fictive, and fictitious all branch off the "fiction" tree, but fictional is literary, fictive is specific, and fictitious is just plain fake.

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