Definitions of expiry

n a coming to an end of a contract period

“the expiry of his driver's license”
expiration, termination
Type of:
end, ending
the point in time at which something ends

n the event of dying or departure from life

death, decease
birth, nascence, nascency, nativity
the event of being born
the death of Jesus by crucifixion
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fatality, human death
a death resulting from an accident or a disaster
death that is imposed because of the person's adherence of a religious faith or cause
the death of a million people
departure, exit, expiration, going, loss, passing, release
euphemistic expressions for death
wrongful death
a death that results from a wrongful act or from negligence; a death that can serve as the basis for a civil action for damages on behalf of the dead person's family or heirs
killing, violent death
an event that causes someone to die
casualty, fatal accident
an accident that causes someone to die
Type of:
alteration, change, modification
an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another

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