Resort to the noun demise when you describe the end, termination, or death of something or someone.

Demise is mostly used in medical or legal language, or when someone wants to sound either formal or euphemistic. The word entered English from French demettre which means "to dismiss," from the Latin word mittere, meaning "let go, send." And you might think, after reading this quote from E. Phillips Oppenheim, that demise sounds somewhat old-fashioned: "That my demise would have been a relief to you I can, of course, easily believe, but the means — they surely were not worthy of your ingenuity."

Definitions of demise

n the time when something ends

death, dying
the time when something begins (especially life)
death of a person
Type of:
end, ending
the point in time at which something ends

v transfer by a lease or by a will

Type of:
cause to change ownership

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