The verb expend means to use. If you expend all your energy raking the leaves, you may be too tired to play hockey afterwards. Better pace yourself — you'll never get all of the leaves on the ground, after all.

The verb expend means to spend or pay out. You can expend money, but you can also expend things like good will and time. As a voter, you can vote for or against the city's plan to expend money on a new library building, but the city may be expending voter willingness to support the plan if the building goes over the budget. There is no point in building a library if they can't afford to buy books!

Definitions of expend
  1. verb
    use up or consume fully
    “The legislature expended its time on school questions”
    synonyms: use
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    abuse, misuse, pervert
    change the inherent purpose or function of something
    use wrongly or improperly or excessively
    use frugally or carefully
    occupy, take, use up
    require (time or space)
    blow, squander, waste
    spend thoughtlessly; throw away
    violate or abuse
    take in vain
    use a name, such as God, without proper respect
    spend or use time
    spend (significant amounts of money)
  2. verb
    pay out
    synonyms: drop, spend
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    consume, deplete, eat, eat up, exhaust, run through, use up, wipe out
    use up (resources or materials)
    consume, squander, ware, waste
    spend extravagantly
    be able to spare or give up
    spend lavishly or wastefully on
    trifle away, wanton, wanton away
    spend wastefully
    spend at less than the normal rate
    spend (money or other resources) unwisely
    nickel-and-dime, penny-pinch
    spend money frugally; spend as little as possible
    commit, invest, place, put
    make an investment
    economise, economize, save
    spend sparingly, avoid the waste of
    lay out
    spend or invest
    piddle, piddle away, trifle, wanton, wanton away
    waste time; spend one's time idly or inefficiently
    spend time badly or unwisely
    run out
    exhaust the supply of
    deplete of resources
    indulge, luxuriate
    enjoy to excess
    dissipate, fool, fool away, fritter, fritter away, frivol away, shoot
    spend frivolously and unwisely
    luxuriate, wanton
    become extravagant; indulge (oneself) luxuriously
    burn, burn off, burn up
    use up (energy)
    invest money in government securities
    lavish, shower
    expend profusely; also used with abstract nouns
    spend at a high rate
    spend completely
    tighten one's belt
    live frugally and use less resources
    fling, splurge
    indulge oneself
    roll over
    re-invest (a previous investment) into a similar fund or security
    invest (money) so that it is not taxable
    tie up
    invest so as to make unavailable for other purposes
    job, speculate
    invest at a risk
    exhaust, play out, run down, sap, tire
    buy into
    buy stocks or shares of a company
    type of:
    give money, usually in exchange for goods or services
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