Other forms: eased; easing; eases

Ease means to lessen or release, often making something possible in the meantime. When you put someone at their ease, you lessen their discomfort. When you ease into a chair, you gently release yourself into it.

A life of ease means you do not have to struggle to make money. Your dad might be mad if you pierce your nose, but eventually, with time, his anger will ease and he will ease up on you. Your older siblings' behavior will ease the way for you to do things that frighten your parents without their overreacting.

Definitions of ease
  1. noun
    freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort
    “he rose through the ranks with apparent ease
    “they put it into containers for ease of transportation”
    synonyms: easiness, simpleness, simplicity
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    difficultness, difficulty
    the quality of being difficult
    the quality of requiring little effort
    facility, readiness
    a natural effortlessness
    the quality of being free from errors or interruptions
    type of:
    an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone
  2. noun
    freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility)
    synonyms: relaxation, repose, rest
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    bed rest, bedrest
    confinement to bed continuously (as in the case of some sick or injured persons)
    relaxed and easy activity
    a long stay in bed in the morning
    dormancy, quiescence, quiescency, sleeping
    quiet and inactive restfulness
    freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity
    inactivity that is passive and monotonous, comparable to the inactivity of plant life
    the act of taking a vacation
    type of:
    being inactive; being less active
  3. noun
    the condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress)
    “getting it off his conscience gave him some ease
    synonyms: relief
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    reprieve, respite
    a (temporary) relief from harm or discomfort
    type of:
    comfort, comfortableness
    a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain
  4. noun
    freedom from constraint or embarrassment
    “I am never at ease with strangers”
    synonyms: informality
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    type of:
    the quality of being natural or based on natural principles
  5. noun
    a freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state
    “a life of luxury and ease
    synonyms: comfort
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    lap of luxury
    in conditions of wealth and comfort
    type of:
    affluence, richness
    abundant wealth
  6. verb
    make easier
    synonyms: alleviate, facilitate
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    type of:
    aid, assist, help
    give help or assistance; be of service
  7. verb
    lessen pain or discomfort; alleviate
    ease the pain in your legs”
    synonyms: comfort
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    type of:
    alleviate, assuage, palliate, relieve
    provide physical relief, as from pain
  8. verb
    lessen the intensity of or calm
    “The news eased my conscience”
    synonyms: allay, relieve, still
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    discharge bad feelings or tension through verbalization
    type of:
    comfort, console, solace, soothe
    give moral or emotional strength to
  9. verb
    move gently or carefully
    “He eased himself into the chair”
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    type of:
    go, locomote, move, travel
    change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically




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