Definitions of comfortableness
  1. noun
    a feeling of being at ease in a relationship
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    type of:
    happiness felt in a secure relationship
  2. noun
    a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain
    “she longed for the comfortableness of her armchair”
    synonyms: comfort
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    discomfort, uncomfortableness
    the state of being tense and feeling pain
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    ease, relief
    the condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress)
    solace, solacement
    comfort in disappointment or misery
    cosiness, coziness, snugness
    a state of warm snug comfort
    the state of being suitable or opportune
    reprieve, respite
    a (temporary) relief from harm or discomfort
    type of:
    condition, status
    a state at a particular time
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