Drowsy means sleepy and having low energy. When you’re sitting in the warm sunlight after a big lunch, and you’re so drowsy you can’t keep your eyes open, it’s not the right time to try organizing your desk.

Ah drowsy, a word that describes slow-moving lions and charming little towns equally well. It has a pleasant association to it, a nice cozy sleepiness, like the sort of feeling you have when you can’t exactly figure out why your eyes keep closing, they just do. Wine makes some people drowsy and a boring documentary will definitely do it to you. Drowsy comes from an Old English word meaning "falling," and has evolved into falling asleep.

Definitions of drowsy
  1. adjective
    half asleep
    “made drowsy by the long ride”
    synonyms: dozy, drowsing
    in a state of sleep
  2. adjective
    showing lack of attention or boredom
    synonyms: oscitant, yawning
    showing a lack of attention or care
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