A dribble is a slow, steady flow of water. Or, if you are a basketball player, you dribble the ball to make your way towards the basket.

Dribbling consists of tiny drops of water (or another liquid) dripping. If you've ever had a leaky faucet going drip-drip-drip-drip, then you know exactly what dribbling is like, and how annoying it can be. Dribbling in basketball isn't annoying at all; in fact, it's an essential skill. If you think about it, the repeated tap-tap-tap of the ball sounds a bit like the drip-drip-drip of the water dribbling.

Definitions of dribble
  1. noun
    flowing in drops; the formation and falling of drops of liquid
    synonyms: drip, trickle
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    intravenous drip
    slow continuous drip introducing solutions intravenously (a drop at a time)
    type of:
    flow, flowing
    the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)
  2. noun
    saliva spilling from the mouth
    synonyms: drivel, drool, slobber
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    type of:
    saliva, spit, spittle
    a clear liquid secreted into the mouth by the salivary glands and mucous glands of the mouth; moistens the mouth and starts the digestion of starches
  3. verb
    run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream
    “reports began to dribble in”
    synonyms: filter, trickle
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    leach, percolate
    permeate or penetrate gradually
    type of:
    course, feed, flow, run
    move along, of liquids
  4. verb
    let or cause to fall in drops
    dribble oil into the mixture”
    synonyms: drip, drop
    fall in drops
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    type of:
    cause to run
  5. verb
    let saliva drivel from the mouth
    synonyms: drivel, drool, slabber, slaver, slobber
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    type of:
    produce saliva
  6. noun
    the propulsion of a ball by repeated taps or kicks
    synonyms: dribbling
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    double dribble
    an illegal dribble in basketball (the player uses both hands to dribble or the player starts to dribble a second time after coming to a stop)
    type of:
    actuation, propulsion
    the act of propelling
  7. verb
    dribble the ball”
    synonyms: carry
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    type of:
    cause to move by striking
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