Someone who brutally and cruelly forces people into servitude is a slaver. If you come across this word being used as a verb, it has an entirely different meaning (and pronunciation), to slobber or drool.

You can use the historical word slaver to talk about the slave traders who captured and sold human beings into slavery, as well as the slave owners who forced enslaved people to work. It also describes the ships that transported enslaved Africans: "Many people died at sea on the slavers." When used as a verb, slaver is pronounced with a short a and it has a much gentler meaning. Your dog might start to slaver as you pour food into her dish.

Definitions of slaver
  1. noun
    a person engaged in slave trade
    synonyms: slave dealer, slave trader
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    white slaver
    a person who forces women to become prostitutes
    type of:
    victimiser, victimizer
    a person who victimizes others
  2. noun
    someone who holds slaves
    synonyms: slave owner, slaveholder
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    type of:
    a person who holds something
  3. verb
    let saliva drivel from the mouth
    synonyms: dribble, drivel, drool, slabber, slobber
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    type of:
    produce saliva
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