To be desirous of something is to want it. It's like being wishful. We’re all desirous of a safe place to sleep, food, and perhaps a little bowl of candy.

When you desire something, you want it. Likewise, being desirous is a state of desire, want, and craving. A thirsty person is desirous of liquid. An eager employee may be desirous of a raise and a promotion. Dogs are often desirous of people food. This word can apply to small, momentary wants or deep, yearning needs.

Definitions of desirous
  1. adjective
    having or expressing desire for something
    desirous of high office”
    desirous of finding a quick solution to the problem”
    synonyms: wishful
    marked by eager desire
    athirst, hungry, thirsty
    (usually followed by `for') extremely desirous
    avid, devouring, esurient, greedy
    (often followed by `for') ardently or excessively desirous
    covetous, envious, jealous
    showing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of another's advantages
    unhappy about being away and longing for familiar things or persons
    longing to return home
    see moresee less
    undesiring, undesirous
    having or feeling no desire
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