If you're jealous of someone, you want what they've got. This is one of the most basic human emotions, and it is not pretty. Don't be jealous of my good looks: you're cute too.

Being jealous is among the least attractive things you can be. The word jealous is actually derived from a Middle English word related to zealous, which means emotionally intense. It conveys a sense of emotional pain at someone else's good fortune. Jealousy is a close cousin of envy, but it can also mean "fiercely guarding" — as in "I am jealous of the little money I've managed to make, so I'm not likely to blow it on a cheap toy."

Definitions of jealous

adj suspicious or unduly suspicious or fearful of being displaced by a rival

“a jealous lover”
green-eyed, overjealous
having or showing distrust

adj showing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of another's advantages

covetous, envious
desirous, wishful
having or expressing desire for something

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