Degrading describes something that is disrespectful or dishonorable like a degrading comment that angered everyone who heard it.

The word degrading comes from degrade, which means "to treat someone with contempt." So something that is degrading is cruel, meant to put a person or group down. For example, if you ever heard someone say that all women (or men, kids, or people from a certain place or who speak a certain language or belong to a certain racial group) are "all alike," you have heard a degrading comment.

Definitions of degrading
  1. adjective
    used of conduct; characterized by dishonor
    synonyms: debasing
    dishonorable, dishonourable
    lacking honor or integrity; deserving dishonor
  2. adjective
    harmful to the mind or morals
    “the vicious and degrading cult of violence”
    synonyms: corrupting
    injurious to physical or mental health
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