decision maker

Other forms: decision makers

Definitions of decision maker
  1. noun
    someone who administers a business
    synonyms: administrator
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    academic administrator
    an administrator in a college or university
    director, manager, managing director
    someone who controls resources and expenditures
    executive, executive director
    a person responsible for the administration of a business
    hosteller, hotel manager, hotelier, hotelkeeper, hotelman
    an owner or manager of hotels
    land agent
    a person who administers a landed estate
    security director
    head of a private security force working for a business or industry
    vice chancellor
    a deputy or assistant to someone bearing the title of chancellor
    bank manager
    manager of a branch office of a bank
    business executive, corporate executive
    an executive in a business corporation
    an administrator in charge of a division of a university or college
    district manager
    a manager who supervises the sales activity for a district
    a woman manager
    government minister, minister
    a person appointed to a high office in the government
    president, prexy
    the head administrative officer of a college or university
    a high-ranking university administrator
    an executive who is very successful at bringing in business to a company or firm
    the administrator responsible for student records
    Surgeon General
    the head of the United States Public Health Service
    V.P., vice president
    an executive officer ranking immediately below a president; may serve in the president's place under certain circumstances
    type of:
    chief, head, top dog
    a person who is in charge
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