The boss, the head honcho, the person in charge: An administrator is the person responsible for managing things and running the show.

Administrators are often found directing government agencies, organizing institutions, or leading school departments. They're the decision makers and the planners, the people who put in place or administer the rules and guidelines. In other words, the administrator's office is probably the last place you want to end up if you're in trouble.

Definitions of administrator
  1. noun
    someone who manages a government agency or department
    synonyms: executive
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    Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles
    British colonial administrator who founded Singapore (1781-1826)
    Petrus Stuyvesant
    the last Dutch colonial administrator of New Netherland; in 1664 he was forced to surrender the colony to England (1592-1672)
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    a government administrator
    DCI, Director of Central Intelligence
    the head of the United States Intelligence Community and director of the Central Intelligence Agency
    a chief officer or chief magistrate
    Secretary General
    a person who is a chief administrator (as of the United Nations)
    one of a group of three sharing public administration or civil authority especially in ancient Rome
    bank commissioner
    a commissioner appointed to supervise banks; a state superintendent of banks
    housing commissioner
    a commissioner in charge of public housing
    park commissioner
    a commissioner in charge of public parks
    police commissioner
    a civil commissioner appointed to supervise the duties and discipline of the police
    type of:
    chief, head, top dog
    a person who is in charge
  2. noun
    someone who administers a business
    synonyms: decision maker
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    academic administrator
    an administrator in a college or university
    director, manager, managing director
    someone who controls resources and expenditures
    executive, executive director
    a person responsible for the administration of a business
    hosteller, hotel manager, hotelier, hotelkeeper, hotelman
    an owner or manager of hotels
    land agent
    a person who administers a landed estate
    security director
    head of a private security force working for a business or industry
    vice chancellor
    a deputy or assistant to someone bearing the title of chancellor
    bank manager
    manager of a branch office of a bank
    business executive, corporate executive
    an executive in a business corporation
    an administrator in charge of a division of a university or college
    district manager
    a manager who supervises the sales activity for a district
    a woman manager
    government minister, minister
    a person appointed to a high office in the government
    president, prexy
    the head administrative officer of a college or university
    a high-ranking university administrator
    an executive who is very successful at bringing in business to a company or firm
    the administrator responsible for student records
    Surgeon General
    the head of the United States Public Health Service
    V.P., vice president
    an executive officer ranking immediately below a president; may serve in the president's place under certain circumstances
    type of:
    chief, head, top dog
    a person who is in charge
  3. noun
    the party appointed by a probate court to distribute the estate of someone who dies without a will or without naming an executor
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    type of:
    a person who holds assets in trust for a beneficiary
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