Use the word darling for someone you love or care for deeply. Your sweet old grandmother probably calls you darling.

You can describe someone as being your darling, or address them that way: "I missed you so much while I was working on that fishing boat, darling!" Another way to use the word is for a generally lovable person: "Everyone adores Timmy, he's such a darling." The Old English root is deorling, a diminutive of deor, "dear."

Definitions of darling
  1. noun
    a special loved one
    synonyms: dearie, deary, ducky, favorite, favourite, pet
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    one who is the object of choice; who is given preference
    (an Irish term of address expressing affection) darling
    a pampered darling; an effeminate man
    teacher's pet
    the teacher's favorite student
    type of:
    a person who loves someone or is loved by someone
  2. adjective
    dearly loved
    synonyms: beloved, dear
    held dear
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