Curry is a South Asian-style dish of vegetables or meat in a very flavorful, spicy sauce. You can try many types of curry in an Indian restaurant.

There are different curries from different parts of Asia — a Thai curry, for example, might consist of shrimp and vegetables in a rich yellow sauce. When curry is a verb, it can mean "make curry," but it's more commonly "groom a horse." A curry comb, in fact, is specially made for this purpose. This curry comes from the Anglo-French curreier, "to comb a horse," while the dish has a Tamil root, kari, "sauce."

Definitions of curry
  1. noun
    (East Indian cookery) a pungent dish of vegetables or meats flavored with curry powder and usually eaten with rice
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    lamb curry
    curry made with lamb
    type of:
    a particular item of prepared food
  2. verb
    season with a mixture of spices; typical of Indian cooking
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    type of:
    flavor, flavour, season
    lend flavor to
  3. verb
    give a neat appearance to
    synonyms: dress, groom
    arrange, coif, coiffe, coiffure, do, dress, set
    arrange attractively
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    type of:
    beautify, embellish, fancify, prettify
    make more beautiful
  4. verb
    treat by incorporating fat
    curry tanned leather”
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    type of:
    process, treat
    subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition
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