Your Aunt Eleanor, who's lived in six different countries and speaks four languages fluently, might be described as cosmopolitan, or comfortable and familiar with different cultures and people.

People who are cosmopolitan have an air of glamour surrounding them, a sense that they've seen a lot of the world and are sophisticated and at ease with all different kinds of people. Places can also be described as cosmopolitan, meaning "diverse," or bustling with lots of people of varying nationalities. Any way you use it, cosmopolitan implies a sophistication, which might explain why both a well-known alcoholic cocktail and a famous women's magazine are both named after the word cosmopolitan.

Definitions of cosmopolitan
  1. adjective
    composed of people from or at home in many parts of the world; especially not provincial in attitudes or interests
    “"his cosmopolitan benevolence impartially extended to all races and to all creeds"- T.B. Macaulay”
    “the ancient and cosmopolitan societies of Syria and Egypt”
    traveled, travelled
    familiar with many parts of the world
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    characteristic of the provinces or their people
    bumpkinly, hick, rustic, unsophisticated
    awkwardly simple and provincial
    strong and healthy but not sophisticated
    insular, parochial
    narrowly restricted in outlook or scope
    jerkwater, one-horse, pokey, poky
    small and remote and insignificant
    not given to travel
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  2. adjective
    of worldwide scope or applicability
    “an issue of cosmopolitan import”
    synonyms: ecumenical, general, oecumenical, universal, world-wide, worldwide
    comprehensive, overarching
    including all or everything
  3. adjective
    growing or occurring in many parts of the world
    “a cosmopolitan herb”
    cosmopolitan in distribution”
    synonyms: widely distributed
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    native to or confined to a certain region
  4. noun
    a sophisticated person who has traveled in many countries
    synonyms: cosmopolite
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    globetrotter, world traveler
    someone who travels widely and often
    type of:
    man of the world, sophisticate
    a worldly-wise person
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