If an issue or a matter is parochial, it is trivial or only concerns a local area. Likewise, a person with a parochial mentality is narrow-minded, or not open to new ideas.

Parochial comes to English from Greek through Latin with the meaning "of a parish." As a parochial school is a school that is affiliated with a particular church, the connection is easy to see. In general though, parochial refers to a narrow or limited point of view — that is, an outlook that extends no further than the limits of the parish. You may feel that there is no room in your life for the parochial attitudes of the older generation. Let's hope you remain open-minded as you age!

Definitions of parochial
  1. adjective
    relating to or supported by or located in a parish
    parochial schools”
  2. adjective
    narrowly restricted in outlook or scope
    “little sympathy with parochial mentality”
    synonyms: insular
    characteristic of the provinces or their people
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