1. cancer a malignant growth caused by uncontrolled cell division
  2. connoisseur an expert able to appreciate a field
  3. concur happen simultaneously
  4. Cancer a small zodiacal constellation in the northern hemisphere
  5. consumer a person who uses goods or services
  6. concede give over
  7. concern something that interests you because it is important
  8. consider think about carefully; weigh
  9. concise expressing much in few words
  10. conscience motivation deriving from ethical or moral principles
  11. confer present
  12. conquer take possession of by force, as after an invasion
  13. conveyer a person who conveys (carries or transmits)
  14. concert a performance of music by players or singers
  15. conscious having awareness of surroundings and sensations and thoughts
  16. conceited having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
  17. coinsure take out coinsurance
  18. conceiver someone who creates new things
  19. conceit the trait of being unduly vain
  20. conjure summon into action or bring into existence

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