To awaken someone is to wake them up. You might awaken your roommate accidentally by practicing your tap dance routine in the kitchen.

You can awaken another person, and a noise or the smell of pancakes or a scary dream can all awaken you from a deep sleep. You can also use the verb awaken to describe what happens when you wake from sleep: "I awaken every morning with my pillow on the floor." A more figurative way to awaken is to arouse a certain feeling or awareness. For example, a sad movie can awaken melancholy feelings in the most cheerful person.

Definitions of awaken
  1. verb
    cause to become awake or conscious
    synonyms: arouse, rouse, wake, wake up, waken
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    cause to sleep
    make fall asleep
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    awaken once again
    bring around, bring back, bring round, bring to
    return to consciousness
    rouse somebody from sleep with a call
    resuscitate, revive
    cause to regain consciousness
    type of:
    alter, change, modify
    cause to change; make different; cause a transformation
  2. verb
    make aware
    “They were awakened to the sad facts”
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    type of:
    affect, impress, move, strike
    have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
  3. verb
    stop sleeping
    synonyms: arouse, awake, come alive, wake, wake up, waken
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    dope off, doze off, drift off, drop off, drowse off, fall asleep, flake out, nod off
    change from a waking to a sleeping state
    type of:
    change state, turn
    undergo a transformation or a change of position or action
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