Use the word administration to describe the group of people running an organization: “University administration declared Wednesday a snow day and sent everyone home early.”

You’ve probably heard the noun administration used to describe a political group, such as the Bush administration or the Obama administration. It can also be used to refer to the daily activities involved in running a group or a program: “Carla handles the administration of the summer camp.”

Definitions of administration
  1. noun
    the act of governing; exercising authority
    synonyms: governance, governing, government, government activity
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    misgovernment, misrule
    government that is inefficient or dishonest
    lawmaking, legislating, legislation
    the act of making or enacting laws
    trust busting
    (law) government activities seeking to dissolve corporate trusts and monopolies (especially under the United States antitrust laws)
    criminalisation, criminalization
    legislation that makes something illegal
    decriminalisation, decriminalization
    legislation that makes something legal that was formerly illegal
    enactment, passage
    the passing of a law by a legislative body
    type of:
    social control
    control exerted (actively or passively) by group action
  2. noun
    a method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group's business affairs)
    synonyms: disposal
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    the way of administering a business
    line management
    administration of the activities contributing directly to an organization's output
    organisation, organization
    the act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business
    the act of administering or being in charge of something
    shrewd or crafty management of public affairs
    the tiresome but essential details that must be taken care of and tasks that must be performed in running an organization
    nonprofit, nonprofit organization, not-for-profit
    an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities
    rationalisation, rationalization
    the organization of a business according to scientific principles of management in order to increase efficiency
    reorganisation, reorganization, shake-up, shakeup
    the imposition of a new organization; organizing differently (often involving extensive and drastic changes)
    self-organisation, self-organization
    organizing yourself (especially organizing your own labor union)
    organizing into or administering as a syndicate
    type of:
    direction, management
    the act of managing something
  3. noun
    the persons (or committees or departments etc.) who make up a body for the purpose of administering something
    “he claims that the present administration is corrupt”
    synonyms: brass, establishment, governance, governing body, organisation, organization
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    (Roman Catholic Church) the central administration governing the Roman Catholic Church
    top brass
    the most important persons in a governing body
    persons who administer the law
    bench, judiciary
    persons who administer justice
    county council
    the elected governing body of a county
    government officials, officialdom
    people elected or appointed to administer a government
    those in charge of running a business
    Bush administration
    the executive under President George W. Bush
    Clinton administration
    the executive under President Clinton
    Bush administration
    the executive under President George H. W. Bush
    Reagan administration
    the executive under President Reagan
    Carter administration
    the executive under President Carter
    civil service
    government workers; usually hired on the basis of competitive examinations
    the management of a gambling house or casino
    bureaucracy, bureaucratism
    nonelective government officials
    type of:
    a group of persons associated by some common tie or occupation and regarded as an entity
  4. noun
    the tenure of a president
    “things were quiet during the Eisenhower administration
    synonyms: presidency, presidential term
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    type of:
    incumbency, tenure, term of office
    the term during which some position is held
  5. noun
    the act of meting out justice according to the law
    synonyms: judicature
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    type of:
    judgment involved in the determination of rights and the assignment of rewards and punishments
  6. noun
    the act of administering medication
    synonyms: giving medication
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    drip feed
    the administration of a solution (blood or saline or plasma etc.) one drop at a time
    drugging, sedation
    the administration of a sedative agent or drug
    type of:
    the act of treating with medicines or remedies
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