To select something means to choose it from among others. If you select the most expensive phone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be happy with what you get.

You can use select as an adjective as well as a verb. It means "specially chosen" or "of superior quality." For instance, you might be one of the select few who know how to really appreciate a game of Tetris, or you might want to choose a wine from a select list of Spanish reds. All of this assumes that if you select one thing, you feel that it's better than all the other choices.

Definitions of select
  1. verb
    pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives
    “She selected a pair of shoes from among the dozen the salesgirl had shown her”
    synonyms: choose, pick out, take
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    empanel, impanel, panel
    select from a list
    choose by or as if by divine intervention
    select (a team or individual player) for a game
    sieve, sift
    distinguish and separate out
    select or take in from a given group or region
    choose by means of a dial
    go, plump
    give support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number
    select carefully from a group
    excerpt, extract, take out
    take out of a literary work in order to cite or copy
    cull out, winnow
    select desirable parts from a group or list
    cream off, skim off
    pick the best
    pick over, sieve out
    separate or remove
    assign, set apart, specify
    select something or someone for a specific purpose
    single out
    select from a group
    think of
    choose in one's mind
    define, determine, fix, limit, set, specify
    decide upon or fix definitely
    adopt, espouse, follow
    choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans
    screen, screen out, sieve, sort
    examine in order to test suitability
    vote in
    elect in a voting process
    select by a vote for an office or membership
    nominate, propose
    put forward; nominate for appointment to an office or for an honor or position
    express one's preference for a candidate or for a measure or resolution; cast a vote
    use as a quantifier
    pick personally and very carefully
    set apart to sacred uses with solemn rites, of a church
    assign to a specific task
    nominate, put forward, put up
    propose as a candidate for some honor
    mention and identify by name
    set anew
    give a definition for the meaning of a word
    choose or elect as a fellow member or colleague
    reelect, return
    elect again
    write in
    cast a vote by inserting a name that does not appear on the ballot
    turn thumbs down, vote down
    vote against
    defeat by a majority of votes
    vote by ballot
    vote in an election at a polling station
    adhere, stick
    be a devoted follower or supporter
    type of:
    decide, determine, make up one's mind
    reach, make, or come to a decision about something
  2. adjective
    selected or chosen for special qualifications
    synonyms: blue-ribbon
    of high or superior quality or performance
  3. adjective
    of superior grade
    select peaches”
    synonyms: choice, prime, prize, quality
    of high or superior quality or performance
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