Figuring out how to get your online classroom up and running can be daunting, but you don't have to go it alone! We're now offering new webinars for teachers and students that are specifically geared toward teaching and learning remotely.

For the majority of educators and students, conducting school entirely online is uncharted territory. Whether you're brand new to or you already know your way around pretty well, you might need some help now that we're all operating in this whole new environment.

That's why we're offering new webinars that emphasize how to get the most out of in a virtual classroom. Our live sessions are always free, fun, and open to anyone! Check out the upcoming schedule.

New Topics for Teachers and Students

Here are the sessions we've just added, in addition to the regular Bootcamp and Certified Educator sessions that we continue to offer each week. Sign up here, and see you soon!

Crash Course: Ramp Up for Remote Learning in 30 Minutes
If you're looking to get a handle on how to use in a remote classroom, this is the webinar for you. We'll focus on how to get your students up and running at home, fast. Check the schedule for times.

How to Bring Students Together with a Vocab Jam
Stay connected and have some fun with the live competition that teachers can schedule any time, and students can play anywhere. Bring your students together (virtually) for some fierce-but-friendly competition in your remote classroom. Check the schedule for times.

Keep Calm and Play On with the Vocab Bowl
Learn how to navigate your county, state and division leaderboard and set "Bowl Goals" to keep your students motivated and bring everyone together as they play for your school. Check the schedule for times.

Virtual Office Hours
Need some help? Looking for some fresh ideas? Just want to know how the sausage gets made? Here's your chance to ask an expert everything you ever wanted to know about Check the schedule for times.

For Students Only
Whether your teachers are giving you assignments on or you're here for your own self-improvement (way to go!), we'll help you get the most out of the platform. Check the schedule for times.

We hope to see you at one of these sessions soon, but in the meantime you can also watch a recorded version of the bootcamp webinar and see tons of other how-to videos in our help section.

And, as always, if there's anything else you need, please let us know. Email us at, or get phone support here. We'll do whatever we can to help!