Educators across the map are ramping up remote learning right now, and we wanted to share these tips for integrating into your plans for online instruction.

1. Bring everyone together (virtually!) with a Vocabulary Jam.
A Vocabulary Jam is a great way to create a sense of community and have some fun while learning. The Jam is a competition where teams compete in real-time to see which team can answer the most questions correctly. Teachers can create a Jam in minutes, schedule it for any time they want, and share a Jam code for their students to join. Then it's game on! Here's how to host a Jam.

2. Have your students play the Challenge.
The heart of is The Challenge, an adaptive learning game that rewards effort and motivates students to keep learning. As students play, we'll automatically identify their individual trouble words and work with them until they achieve mastery. Here's how your students can get started.

3. Set a Bowl Goal and watch your school climb the leaderboards.
Competing in the Vocabulary Bowl is another great way for students to feel connected and work together in a remote learning environment. The Bowl is a year-round online competition where schools compete to master the most words. A lot of teachers start by setting small goals, like challenging students to propel their school to the Top 10 on their county or state leaderboards for a day. Here's how to get your school involved in the Vocabulary Bowl.

4. Take advantage of our ready-made resources.
Shifting to online instruction doesn't have to mean starting from scratch! The curriculum team has created thousands of quality resources based on the most commonly taught texts, including all the classics you'd expect plus the latest award winners and popular YA and middle grade titles. Check out our list library for resources to support your students' independent reading.

5. Assign activities that support your curriculum.
Seamlessly integrate vocabulary instruction with what you're already teaching. Whether it's The Crucible, The Constitution, or Copernicus, we'll help your students learn the words that are vital to understanding academic content.


6. Don't forget to have fun!
A little levity goes a long way, and that's exactly what our "Just for Fun" resources are for. Your sports fans will cheer when their next practice assignment is on the list "Set, Hut! Football Vocabulary". Everyone loves animals, so why not host a Vocab Jam with words from "A Lexical Zoo of Animal Adjectives"? And for the verbivores in your class, here's a whole collection to sink their teeth into: Grab Bag for Word Nerds.

If you need any help getting your students up and running, or if you want more information about how to integrate into a remote learning environment, please let us know. Email us at, or get phone support here. We'll do whatever we can to help!

New Webinars to Help You Ramp Up Remote Learning

Webinars can also be really useful as everyone tries to figure out how to make remote learning work, and we've just added more times and new topics. There's a 30 minute crash course for teachers, a session just for students, and virtual office hours. We hope to see you there, but you can also watch a recorded version of our bootcamp webinar and see tons of other how-to videos in our help section.