Distinguish yourself as a Certified Educator

If you are already familiar with Vocabulary.com and want to deepen your knowledge of the platform, you should consider our Certified Educator Program.

Earning certification validates your hard work and expertise with official recognition. It's a way to distinguish yourself as an educator who has mastered the platform and integrated it into your teaching practice.

Certified Educators receive:

  • 3-year certification
  • An official certificate with course hours
  • A Certified Educator badge on your Vocabulary.com profile page
  • A Certified Educator email signature graphic

Certification Components

Candidates for certification are required to complete the following:

  • Certified Educator Course, online or on-site
  • Three-part qualifying exam
  • Implementation task rubric

Gauging Your Readiness

In order to be adequately prepared for the Certified Educator program, educators should have previous experience using Vocabulary.com in their classroom.

Suggested prior knowledge/implementation:

  • You've created classes and invited students
  • Students have joined your classes
  • You've assigned practice activities to your students
  • You've created your own vocabulary lists
  • You're familiar with our teacher dashboards

Why become certified?

When you complete the Certified Educator Course, you'll acquire:

  • A foundation in the best practices for vocabulary instruction
  • An advanced understanding of the platform's core features
  • New strategies for integrating vocabulary instruction with your curriculum and your teaching practice
  • The expertise and confidence to support your colleagues

Online Certification

The Vocabulary.com Certified Educator Program is available online for free to all educators. The online program consists of a 3-part webinar series, which is offered on a rotating weekly schedule. After completing the webinars, candidates take qualifying exams and complete a set of implementation tasks on Vocabulary.com.

On-site Certification

The on-site program consists of a 1-day training at your school, conducted by one of our team members. The Certified Educator course material is delivered in 3 parts, each one followed by a brief qualifying exam. Teachers are also required to complete a set of tasks on Vocabulary.com to demonstrate their implementation skills.

In many cases, Vocabulary.com can work with districts to offer Certified Educator training that meets official requirements for PD/CEU credits.

On-site Certified Educator training sessions for groups of up to 100 people are also available. To set up an on-site Certified Educator training day for your group, email support@vocabulary.com.