If you play Vocabulary.com, you know you can rack up all sorts of achievements as you learn words. But why should individual players have all the fun? Starting today, schools in the U.S. and Canada are awarded achievements at the end of every month based on student play. Not only that, we're introducing leaderboards that allow students to see how their school measures up against others in their state.

Students and educators who have signed up for Vocabulary.com (it's free!) can see how their school is performing in the leaderboards of our yearlong word-learning contest, the Vocabulary Bowl. From there, you can always click on the name of your school to see your school page. Now those school pages include all sorts of achievements that students earn for their schools.

Let's take a look at one school that has been excelling in the Vocabulary Bowl, Midlothian Middle School in Midlothian, Virginia. On the left-hand side of Midlothian's school page, you'll see all of the impressive milestones that the school has achieved in recent months, both overall and on the statewide level of competition.

Clicking on the state rankings on the school page will now take you to a dedicated page showing the leaderboard with the top schools in the state. You can check out the top schools in the state for this month, last month, and the school year. Here you can see Midlothian and other schools battling for supremacy on the Virginia leaderboard page:

By giving students more opportunities to see how their participation in the Vocabulary Bowl is contributing to their school's achievements, we hope it provides even more incentives for pitching in and playing for school pride. Whether they're looking at how they stack up against local rivals or are going for the gold in the overall Vocabulary Bowl, we're making sure that students are being rewarded for all their effort and enthusiasm.

Remember, it's free to sign up and play for your school in the Bowl. And teachers and administrators who want to make the most out of their students' word-learning should check out our Educator Edition.