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    Quickly create classes, assign work, set goals, and monitor progress. Each class has its own leaderboard so that students can compete amongst themselves, encouraging participation and achievement.

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    Your teacher dashboard makes it easy to follow each student’s performance. See their practice time, the words they are mastering, and those tricky trouble words. Utilize performance data to inform student practice, your instruction, or both.

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    Seamlessly integrate vocabulary instruction with the content you are already teaching. Assign your students vocabulary activities developed for thousands of the most commonly taught texts. Want to create your own vocabulary resources? That’s a breeze, too.

  • Easy administration and roll-out requires no installation, and can be implemented across a classroom or a whole district in minutes. District subscribers can integrate with most single-sign-on providers and use our tiered access policies to delegate control to school power users.

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    School and district subscribers get reports that detail how students and teachers are using, allowing you to gain insight to support each student’s individual needs, and know when and where effective vocabulary learning is taking hold.

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    Our U.S. based support team solves 99% of support requests within one school day and 50% of requests within 1 hour. Attend a free webinar, or schedule an on-site training session at your school.

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Truly differentiated instruction.

Students are all different — the way they learn vocabulary should be too. uses adaptive technology to offer differentiated vocabulary instruction to students at all levels. It continuously assesses each student and focuses their efforts on words they need to learn. We identify the words students are having the most trouble learning, and work with them until they achieve mastery.

Vocabulary instruction you won't outgrow.

We teach over 12,000 words with over 120,000 questions and activities. is a platform for life-long vocabulary learning that can serve students from 5th grade until adulthood. It's unlike any other vocabulary learning product out there.

We use the millions of questions answered every month by users to refine our statistical models of how each individual learns (and forgets) new words. These models allow to not only identify the gaps in individual students’ academic vocabulary knowledge; it also enables students to overcome those gaps by teaching every student a customized set of words in multiple contexts over time.

Support your curriculum.

Whatever you’re teaching, can help.

Whether you are introducing The Crucible, The Constitution, or Copernicus, helps your students learn the words that are vital to their understanding of academic content. Assign your students one of the thousands of vocabulary lists we've made from the most popular texts taught in schools, or easily create your own lists for your students to learn.

Our lists make it easy to create an adaptive word-learning experience for your students based on a particular text. We identify and “grab” high-utility academic vocabulary words for the user’s learning program, and introduce each student to words they are likely to not understand before reading the text.

Get your game on.

Let competition motivate your students. has gamified vocabulary instruction. Instead of receiving checks and check-pluses on their workbook pages and quizzes, students are earning points, achievements and badges that motivate them to keep playing and to keep learning. Competition also drives word learning in the classroom, school-wide, and national arenas through real-time leaderboards, monthly banner presentations, and our annual bowl.

Don't just meet standards, exceed them.

Prepare your students to prove their vocabulary mastery.

Every standardized reading test includes vocabulary questions. In addition, State and Common Core Standards emphasize vocabulary knowledge as a vital component in measuring a student’s ability to comprehend complex texts. We prepare your students to meet those standards and to prove their vocabulary mastery on state-wide exams.

You focus on the curriculum.

Let us teach the vocabulary.

Improved vocabulary is a crucial pathway for students to achieve better grades, higher test scores, and improved understanding — but it's hard to cover in the classroom because students are at such different levels. gets students hooked on expanding their vocabulary outside the classroom so teachers can focus on what they do best — teaching the subject matter, whether that is literature, social studies, or science. Inspirational Educators

I really didn’t think that I’d ever find anything that worked, but is everything that I’ve always wanted: it engages my students, it is dynamic, it leads to understanding by explaining word definitions, it champions retention by constantly revisiting words, and, perhaps most importantly, it’s fun. Daniel Spacher, Middle School, Rochester, NY
Imagine telling high school freshmen on the first day of class that they will be responsible for learning 1000 words. Their mouths fall open. But after a single class period using, they are somewhat reassured, and by the end of the first quarter, they begin to believe in the vision. Tyler Walker, High School, Chadwick, MO, with its addictive user interface, adaptive question bank, and 24 hour availability, allows students to achieve beyond what their teachers or even they might have thought possible. Ben Darby, Teacher, High School, Alexandria, KY

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Usually I remember my vocab words by cramming the night before a test. I would be able to recognize the words and match them to a definition, but they would never really enter my vocabulary. I think the combination of real-life usage of the word and INTERESTING roots is perfect for learning and retaining my vocab.
As a student in High School this is one of the most helpful websites I have found throughout my educational career … I like the way you all present the dictionary quiz "rounds" and just all around how you present your information on each word. Thank you all for making this website and keep up the good work. You're making a lot of people more intelligent and I greatly appreciate the hard work you put in to this website.
When I just started, what kept me going was being at the top of everyone. But then, I just started to like it. I felt like I was getting smarter and having fun. is my Twitter.

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Real progress is finally being made in computer-assisted education The New York Times could actually make speaking well cool again. Time Magazine
A terrific tool for enhancing word knowledge... a brilliant vocabulary tool is just a click away. Education World

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