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Discover a better way to teach vocabulary.

Don't just memorize.
Achieve mastery. teaches words by systematically challenging students with a wide array of question types, activities and assessments. We identify the words students are having the most trouble learning, and work with them until they achieve mastery. How Teaches Words

Your students are all different — the way they learn vocabulary should be too. uses adaptive technology to offer differentiated vocabulary instruction to students at all levels. Each student gets a personalized learning program that is tailored to their unique needs. A Peek Behind the Science of

  • Close gaps, open doors.

    Put your students on the path to systematic vocabulary instruction. helps students build broad literacy skills that are fundamental to success in school and in life; skills like reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking — all of which rely on a robust vocabulary.
  • Get more out of your curriculum.

    Whatever you’re teaching, can help.

    Seamlessly integrate vocabulary instruction with what you’re already teaching. Whether it’s The Crucible, The Constitution, or Copernicus, we'll help your students learn the words that are vital to understanding academic content.

    Boost comprehension before you assign the reading.

    Assign Practice on and prepare your students to tackle even the most complex texts. See how

    Transform current events into learning events.

    Use our VocabGrabberTM to instantly create vocabulary lists from any text. Turn the latest news article into a vocab-based mini-lesson! Watch the video

    Extend literacy beyond the ELA classroom.

    Teachers are using to integrate vocabulary instruction into their curriculum across content areas. Meet the teachers

  • Grow readers who engage with texts — and with one another.

    When students know the words, learning thrives.

    When the words make sense, reading becomes more meaningful. When reading is more fulfilling, students tend to read more and contribute more in class. Imagine what a virtuous cycle of word learning would look like in your classroom.

    Teach smarter,
    not harder. simplifies the task of delivering differentiated instruction, making it easier to support multiple texts and multiple reading levels, all in the same classroom. Learn how

    You focus on the curriculum.
    Let us teach the vocabulary. gets students hooked on expanding their vocabulary outside the classroom so teachers can focus on what they do best — teaching the subject matter. Start teaching with

    Give students more ownership of what they’re learning. lets students tailor their Personal Learning Program, chart their gains on their own My Progress dashboard, and create, share and learn their own vocabulary lists. How we support self-directed learning

  • Game on.

    Let competition motivate your students.

    When schools use, amazing things can happen. Students get hooked on competing within their class, their school, their state, and on the national level. Before you know it, a culture of word learning takes root.

    Harness the power of (friendly) competition. has gamified vocabulary instruction. As students work to master words, they earn points, achievements and badges that motivate them to keep playing and learning. How we use competition to motivate students

    Finally, an academic competition for everyone.

    Imagine an academic competition where every student gets to participate, no one gets eliminated, and students are rewarded based on how much they grow, not how much they know. Learn more about the Vocabulary Bowl

    Dream big, start small.

    Start a vocabulary-day challenge at your school. Try to top your county's leaderboard for one day, then challenge your students to extend their streak. Bowl Fever is contagious — don't say we didn't warn you. Put your school on the map

Vocabulary instruction you won't outgrow.

We teach over 14,000 words with over 209,000 questions and activities. is a platform for life-long word learning that can serve students from 5th grade right up through adulthood.

Create classes and assignments

Quickly create classes, assign work, set goals, and monitor progress. Each class has its own leaderboard so that students can compete amongst themselves, encouraging participation and achievement.

Monitor student progress

Your teacher dashboard makes it easy to follow each student’s performance. See their practice time, the words they are mastering, and those tricky trouble words. Utilize performance data to inform student practice, your instruction, or both.

Create custom quizzes

Conjure a quiz for either pre- or post- assessment in seconds — we'll even suggest words and questions based on the past performance of your students. Easily customize which words and meanings to test — choose any question from our library of over 180,000 questions.

Easy administration and roll-out requires no installation, and can be implemented across a classroom or a whole district in minutes. District subscribers can integrate with most single-sign-on providers and use our tiered access policies to delegate control to school power users.

School & district-wide reporting

School and district subscribers get reports that detail how students and teachers are using, allowing you to gain insight to support each student’s individual needs, and know when and where effective vocabulary learning is taking hold.

Stellar support & training

Our U.S. based support team solves 99% of support requests within one school day and 50% of requests within 1 hour. Attend a free webinar, or schedule an on-site training session at your school.

We teach the whole word.

Truly learning a word means more than memorizing a single definition. teaches words by systematically exposing students to a wide array of question types, real-world examples, and activities. On, students only master a word after they have demonstrated an understanding of all of the word's meanings, and have encountered it in multiple contexts.

Our approach is particularly effective at teaching Tier II academic vocabulary words, most of which have multiple meanings.

Oasis, discovered.

Let's take a closer look at how we teach oasis. We use over 50 different questions and 10 different question types to teach both the literal and figurative meanings of the word. No one student will see every question — we choose which questions to give each student based on their overall ability level, progress towards mastery, and history with the word.

We’re not afraid to get personal.

On, each student gets their own Personalized Learning Program. Students have control over their learning program and can add words, adjust priorities, and see their progress over time.

We work with students on all the words in their learning program, and focus their energy on the words that are giving them the most trouble. While students can control the words in their learning program, words will also be added if a student struggles with words on an assignment. This ensures that students learn the words they need to know — even after you’ve moved on to the next unit.

Every student is unique — that's why we're adaptive.

We use the millions of questions answered every day on to build statistical models of how each individual learns (and forgets) new words. This allows us to identify the gaps in individual students’ vocabulary knowledge and work with students to overcome those gaps by teaching each learner differently. adapts to each student’s unique ability in three ways:

  1. We give you questions that are appropriate for you. When you first learn a word, or are learning a word that is more of a “reach” word for you, we give easier questions that provide more “scaffolding”. As you master a word, we give you harder questions that test nuance and peripheral meanings.
  2. We follow up at just the right time. We use our models to space how long we’ll wait to ask you follow-up questions on a word. As you gain knowledge, we’ll wait longer between brush-up questions.
  3. We pick words that are right for you. By comparing you to other students like you, we can predict which words you are likely to need help with (your vocabulary gaps). As we make predictions, we'll test you on these words and add them to your learning program if necessary.

See your students learning.

Monitor progress without getting bogged down in data.

Our teacher and administrator dashboards supply you with the data you need to assess vocabulary achievement at every level — from the district down to each individual student. Drill down to see what students are working on and which words they are struggling with. Our interactive reports will help you inform student practice, your instruction, or both.

Unlock your students' learning for as little as $5 a month.

Whether you are looking to implement district-wide, or in your own classroom, we have a plan for you.