In conjunction with the kick-off of our yearlong Vocabulary Bowl, we've created school profile pages to recognize word-learning progress at every school actively playing. Now, a school doesn't need to be winning the leaderboard in order to see their name up in lights.

Right at the top of the profile page, schools can check out a personalized version of the larger Vocabulary Bowl word-learning map. While the larger map displays live, real-time updates of words being mastered in schools across the country, the personalized map updates to show just word mastery at the school. Take a look at profile page of recent daily leaderboard champ Bellaire High School in Bellaire, TX to see what this means.

The profile page also includes the school's word mastery stats, including the number of words mastered this month, last month, over time, and during the course of the current Bowl, and a brief description and key facts about the school, helpful for anyone looking to check out their rivals. For recent monthly leaderboard winner Rialto High School in Rialto, CA, their profile looks like this:

Another way to get those competitive juices flowing? See how your school stacks up in profile page leaderboards offering information such as state rank that don't display anywhere else on the site. Here the profile page for John H. Francis Polytechnic in Sun Valley, CA shows us that the school is ranked second in California this month, and third so far in the Bowl nationwide. 

Educators or students registered for the Bowl and actively mastering words can get to their schools' profile pages via our leaderboards