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New Jersey, United States

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Meticulous user of the English language, eager to expand and enrich own vocabulary, but arbitrarily stonewalled and denied by Vocabulary.com by an endless diet of repeating brush-up words. Where is that category defined, anyway?
  1. Doctor, Doctor ...

    Lyric from the 1978 Song "Bad Case of Loving You" Recorded by Robert Palmer.
    136 Words
  2. She Was a Nice Girl, a Proper Girl ...

    Lyrics From a Song Recorded by The Ventures and by Guy Mitchell in Early 1950's.
    46 Words
  3. Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd You Get Those Peepers ?

    A 1938 jazz song (Warren/Mercer) recorded by, among others, Louie Armstrong and Frank Sinatra....
    32 Words
  4. Words With Silent Letters: More of the Same, But Different

    First installment published by Vocabulary.com(NY) June 22, 2014.
    42 Words
  5. "Personality" - The Types We Know or Wish We Didn't

    Word list inspired by a song by this name recorded by Lloyd Price in 1959.
    41 Words
  6. Proceed, Don't Cede, Try to Succeed

    In this little spelling venture.
    11 Words
  7. Spontaneous or Cultivated Patterns of Speech ?

    Identifying the Obscure and Never-Heard-Of.
    19 Words
  8. The Oddball Words of the English Language

    At least, when it comes to looks and sounds.
    69 Words
  9. Let's Get a Move On And Get the Flock Out of Here

    Words Denoting Personal or Mass Movement Also Known As Exodus.
    44 Words
  10. Watch your step!

    These words can trip you up.
    110 Words
  11. Is It Beyond Fixing?

    Words describing situations in need of mending.
    77 Words
  12. Words About Size...

    From puny to gigantic, from tiny to elephantine.
    48 Words
  13. Do You Have Two Nickels to Rub Together Or a Pot to Pee In?

    Are you a penny-pincher or a big spender?
    44 Words
  14. Cheese It! Here ComesThe Gadfly!!

    Warning! Head the Other Way to Escape a Bad Experience..
    61 Words
  15. Just for Fun: "I Am the Eye in the Sky..."

    Lyric from the song by Alan Parsons Project, 1982.
    41 Words
  16. Words for a Polymath...Linguist...or...Vocabulary.com Player???

    Foreign words, Latin words, ethnic words, quaint words, legal words, pretentious - "show-off" -...
    201 Words
  17. Language: The Fickle Finger of Fate

    Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be... Words of wisdom from songstress Doris Day.
    36 Words
  18. Just for Fun: " These Are a Few of My Favorite Things..."

    Spoof words relating to the lyric from "The Sound of Music".
    50 Words
  19. Just for Fun: "On Top of Old Smokey..."

    An old folk song with English roots, recorded by many artists.
    26 Words

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