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Hobbies: History, Earth science, Paleoanthropology.
Legione - 4800 soldiers
Coorte - 480 soldiers
Centuria - 80 soldiers, centurion - the leader of 80 soldiers (not 100)
Contubernium - 8 soldiers
  1. Fallen – review
    12 Words
  2. This North Dakota Bike Trail Is Stunning. Just Hope You Survive It.
    24 Words
  3. Is there room for opposite palates on one Viennese plate?
    50 Words
  4. On an international vacation, even unplugged teens find Turkish delights
    31 Words
  5. Compared to Chekhov, Colette and Now Sedaris
    14 Words
  6. Another President, Another Pope
    18 Words
  7. Why We Shouldn’t Tell Workers When to Unplug
    11 Words
  8. Denied Clemency, Snowden Remains Trapped In Putin's Game
    43 Words
  9. Alexander Kartveli – Aircraft Engineer And Design Genius
    18 Words
  10. Death Reigns On the Streets Of Duterte’s Philippines
    75 Words
  11. Investigators Suspect Kim Kardashian West Robbery Was an ‘Inside Job’
    7 Words
  12. Seeking College Edge, Chinese Pupils Arrive in New York Earlier
    20 Words
  13. Even if they don’t follow its rules, Catholics stick with their church - OnFaith
    29 Words
  14. Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2016
    12 Words
  15. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin 'recovering well' after falling ill at the south pole
    1 Word
  16. Astronomers Discover ‘Black Hole Treasure Trove’
    3 Words
  17. AT WAR; A Turning Point
    9 Words
  18. Black hole caught 'burping' galactic gas supply
    13 Words
  19. NASA Found That Everything The Bible Says Is True -
    62 Words
  20. Is Marine Le Pen Really the Candidate to Beat in the French Election?
    16 Words
  21. How will the world end?
    94 Words
  22. How a young entrepreneur built an empire by repackaging memes
    49 Words
  23. Tragedy strikes at birthday party that went viral
    9 Words

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