Sudip C.

  1. China's War on Pollution Will Change the World (from Bloomberg)

    Retrieved from Link:
    150 Words
  2. The Afterlife of Pablo Escobar - Part Two

    Published on March 5, 2018 issue on The New Yorker magazine by Jon Lee Anderson. Link :...
    500 Words
  3. The Afterlife of Pablo Escobar - Part One

    Retrieved from March 5, 2018 issue of The New Yorker magazine. Written by Jon Lee Anderson. Link...
    485 Words
  4. Veil is private browsing for the ultra-paranoid by Devin Coldewey from

    A new kind of privacy in browsers. Published in the TechCrunch magazine. Link:...
    110 Words
  5. Foods! Foods!

    If you get hungry after playing the list, don't blame me!
    5 Words
  6. Will John Perry Barlow's vision for the internet endure? Only if we make it from the World Economic Forum

    In the article, Jean-Pascal Tricoire and Francesco Starace explain Mr. Barlow's vision of...
    279 Words
  7. The world is changing. Here’s how companies must adapt from the World Economic Forum

    In this article, John Kaeser, the President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens AG, explains...
    212 Words
  8. Self-Awareness Can Help Leaders More Than an MBA Can from

    An insightful article on Harvard Business Review by Rasmus Hougaard,Jacqueline Carter, and...
    136 Words
  9. My Troubling Words

    List of the words which confuse me the most. Hoping to master them within this life!
    40 Words
  10. How Net Neutrality Repeal Could Affect Healthcare, Research

    Fascinating read. Retrieved from Link:...
    94 Words
  11. Bitcoin Has a Dirty, Dirty Secret

    Retrieved from Link:...
    138 Words
  12. Boston.Racism.Image.Reality: The Spotlight Team Tales on The Hardest Question

    From my most favourite journalist-team. Retrieved from The Boston Glode dated 10 December...
    500 Words
  13. The #MeToo Stories We’re Not Hearing

    Retrieved from The New York Times Op-Ed of 7 December 2017. Link:...
    155 Words
  14. A Culture of Death and America's Mass Gun Violence

    Very pertinent for our times. Culled from yaleglobalonline magazine. SIte:...
    380 Words
  15. Conquer Australia and Joe Root will join the Ashes immortals

    This is what I call excellent reporting in sports! This is why I love Simon Briggs so much!...
    217 Words
  16. Robots need civil rights, too

    Fantastic read from Boston Globe op-edit. Retrieved from...
    264 Words
  17. Jeremy Corbyn is really quite good at politics after all

    Very interesting read from the Independent, dated 9th September 2017. Retrived from...
    150 Words
  18. Buffett Asks Big Money: Why Pay High Fees?

    Retrieved from the New York Times Link:...
    58 Words

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