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Former Olympique de Marseille Director Pape Diouf has passed on after contracting coronavirus, as per the French Ligue 1 pub.

Diouf experienced been getting treatment in his house country, Senegal, before driving away, the Senegalese Leader Macky Sall proved.
"I pay homage towards the medical related staff at Fann Hospital (in Dakar, Senegal) who spared no work to be able to save him, " Sall said on Twitter.
Throughout some sort of statement made on Twitter, Marseille said the 68-year-old Diouf had passed away on Tuesday after the battle with Covid-19.
" 토토 사이트 is to use great unhappiness that will Olympique de Marseille figured out from the passing away of Pape Diouf, " the crew said in a statement. "Pape will remain within the minds of the Mars

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