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French for "Fat Tuesday," Mardi Gras originated as a celebration of spring and evolved into an indulgent period often followed by fasting and sacrifice. It is an opportunity to have some Fun, Food, and Faith.
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  1. staple
    a necessary commodity for which demand is constant
    King cake is a delicious dessert associated with the Mardi Gras holiday. The cake itself is made from a blend of coffee cake and cinnamon roll with green, gold and purple icing to represent the famous Mardi Gras colors. This cake is a staple during Mardi Gras season. USA Today
  2. extravagance
    excessive spending
    Lamb, pork, wieners— extravagances unheard of a year before.All the Light We Cannot See
  3. sumptuous
    rich and superior in quality
    Then families and friends gather to feast on sumptuous food and honor the person’s longevity.First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers
  4. banquet
    a ceremonial dinner party for many people
    The feast appeared suddenly on the golden plates, as it had at the start-of-term banquet.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  5. cater
    supply food ready to eat; for parties and banquets
    Marcia was walking around, still stunned, looking into the trays of catered food spread on the dining table, and then up at the mass of balloons bobbing against the ceiling.Americanah
  6. cuisine
    the manner of preparing food or the food so prepared
    New Orleans' Cajun and Creole cuisine has become so representative of the area that many forget the indigenous, immigrant, and African roots behind the cuisine. Salon
  7. broil
    cook by exposing to strong heat in a part of an oven
    For dinner that night Milo served him broiled Maine lobster with excellent Roquefort salad and two frozen eclairs.Catch-22
  8. braise
    slowly cook in fat and some liquid
    Dinner was prawn cocktails in wine glasses for starters, lamb chops with chef’s hats with duchesse potatoes and braised celery for main, and a Baked Alaska for "dessert," not "afters."Black Swan Green
  9. poach
    cook in a simmering liquid
    There were caterers offering bite-sized quiches and poached eggs in puddles of velvety hollandaise.Little Fires Everywhere
  10. saute
    fry briefly over high heat
    “Steam the asparagus, saute garlic and green onions, add some cream, blend it up, add salt and pepper.”The Queen of Water
  11. chiffonade
    cut leafy vegetables into thin strips by rolling and slicing
    Add whole lemon balm leaves to green salads, or chiffonade the leaves and scatter them over a fruit salad for added zesty flavor. Salon
  12. julienne
    cut into long thin strips
    It was flank steak marinated in a rice vinegar and fish sauce and green onions, served with crusty bread, pâté and mayonnaise, a little salad with julienne carrots, and two fried eggs on top. New York Times
  13. gourmet
    relating to high-quality, elaborate, or speciality food
    Alongside classic flavors, there are a handful of wacky options — such as eggnog, bacon bourbon caramel and cotton candy — emerging as fan-favorites, thanks to a slew of gourmet popcorn shops. Salon
  14. gumbo
    a soup or stew thickened with okra pods
    And Bill sold plates of his spicy, delicious Creole dishes— gumbo, jambalaya.The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  15. jambalaya
    spicy Creole dish of rice, meat, and vegetables
    But the satisfying mélange of “Nawlins” grub — fried grits, Creole jambalaya, stuffed quail, blackened redfish with crab chile hollandaise, smothered chicken with biscuits — is, quite simply, the stuff of Southern foodie fantasies. New York Times
  16. paella
    saffron-flavored dish of rice with shellfish and chicken
    My mom asked me to grab the fish and clams and mussels out of the walk-in to make seafood paella.The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora
  17. casserole
    food baked together and served in a deep dish
    They joined Mel Willis’s honey clusters and piles of sandwiches and vats of chili and dozens of bean and tuna and macaroni casseroles on the counter.Bone Gap
  18. bisque
    a thick, creamy soup made from shellfish
    The dinner is sublime: We start with oyster bisque and follow with prime rib, boiled potatoes, and asparagus in cream.Water for Elephants
  19. fondue
    melted cheese or chocolate into which other foods are dipped
    The appetizer arrives—a steaming Crock-Pot of bubbling cheese fondue with three types of breads and apples with tiny dipping forks.Love, Hate & Other Filters
  20. croquette
    a small patty of minced food that is coated and fried
    We sit on chairs with red velvet seats and eat meat loaf with an egg cooked into the middle, chicken croquettes, black beans and white rice, fried plantains, and a salad with avocados.Lucky Broken Girl
  21. baguette
    a long, narrow loaf of French bread
    Today we have cold roast chicken, tomato-basil salad, Camembert, baguettes, and strawberry lemonade in the dining room.We Were Liars
  22. turnover
    a dish made by folding a piece of pastry over a filling
    The sugary, spicy smell of the apple turnover almost made her dizzy.The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street
  23. crepe
    a small, thin pancake
    To prepare for Lent, Christians prepared pancakes to deplete their stock of eggs, milk, butter, and fat, giving rise to Pancake Day in England. As the tradition spread through Europe, it became Mardi Gras in France, where waffles and crepes are prepared as part of a lavish feast.
  24. quiche
    a tart filled with rich unsweetened custard
    Plates of petit-waffles, boiled eggs, tiny quiches, grape clusters, and sweet luna pastries are placed in front of me.The Belles
  25. grits
    coarsely ground corn that is boiled
    The smell of unfamiliar food in the air now, fish caught from the nearby river, pig knuckles, hominy grits, fried baloney, black-eyed peas.Middlesex: A Novel
  26. squash
    edible fruit from plants of the gourd family
    There was black bread and honeycakes and oaten biscuits; there were turnips and pease and beets, beans and squash and huge red onions; there were baked apples and berry tarts and pears poached in strongwine.A Clash of Kings
  27. crustacean
    mainly aquatic arthropod usually having a segmented body
    There were small roast birds and pastries glistening with honey, cubes of meat in fragrant sauce, and curled crustaceans impaled on sticks.Strange the Dreamer
  28. hock
    joint of the hind leg of hoofed mammals
    She was the kind of cook who would heap up your plate with such as ham hock, greens, black-eyed peas, fried fish, cabbage, sweet potatoes, grits and gravy, and cornbread. The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  29. quail
    a small game bird
    This evening they had supped on oxtail soup, summer greens tossed with pecans, grapes, red fennel, and crumbled cheese, hot crab pie, spiced squash, and quails drowned in butter.A Clash of Kings
  30. marinade
    mixture of vinegar, oil, and seasoning for soaking foods
    It is braised short ribs that have been stewed in a delicious marinade until the meat falls off the bones.Finding Junie Kim
  31. bouillon
    a clear seasoned broth
    She poured the sautéed vegetables into the boiling greens, dropped in two bouillon cubes and the smoked catfish, boned but not skinned, and cut in two whole tomatoes. The New Yorker
  32. consomme
    a clear soup usually made with beef, veal, or chicken
    The White House table featured such soulful favorites as fried chicken, greens, okra and sweet potato pie next to consomme and blancmange.Washington Post
  33. aioli
    garlic mayonnaise
    A final finishing dollop of aioli swirled into the al dente rice sleeks it with satiny richness. New York Times
  34. zest
    the outer part of the peel of a citrus fruit, used as flavoring
    “The secret is to add a splash of lemon juice and a handful of lemon zest to give it that nice tart flavor.”The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate
  35. tantalizing
    very pleasantly inviting
    He trotted off determinedly in the direction of the tantalizing smell.The Incredible Journey
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