Vocabulary List: ‘How to Paint 50,000 Miles of Lines’

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  1. contractor
    someone who is hired to build things
    Or you can do what my brother, who is a retired masonry contractor, recommended: Patch the holes with cement-based mortar.Washington Post (Aug 29, 2021)
  2. essential
    absolutely necessary
    "Protein is essential in our diets," says Prof Robin May, chief scientific advisor to the UK's Food Standards Agency.BBC (Sep 22, 2021)
  3. epiphany
    an inspiration or divine manifestation
    Around Valentine’s Day 2018, after a trip to Montreal in which he had an epiphany about how he felt, he told her that he loved her.New York Times (Sep 10, 2021)
  4. oppose
    be against
    The difference is between a crane lifting it as opposed to ropes pulling it down and kicking it into the river.New York Times (Sep 17, 2021)
  5. crisp
    (of something seen or heard) clearly defined
    He has been enamored of America ever since he was a boy and relatives visited Myanmar in Nike sneakers and crisp Nautica shirts.New York Times (Sep 21, 2021)
  6. technique
    a practical method or art applied to some particular task
    It’s also about swapping finicky techniques for flexible fail-safe ones.New York Times (Sep 21, 2021)
  7. stave off
    prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening
    Surely two bites of a burger or one chicken wing will not stave off starvation or lead to climate collapse.Salon (Sep 20, 2021)
  8. chaos
    formless state of matter before the creation of the cosmos
    So you can imagine the chaos caused by the pandemic.Washington Post (Sep 8, 2021)
  9. stencil
    a sheet of material that has been perforated with a pattern
    John Oliver, 83, of Ward 8, colored his road blue and used a stencil to add a deer to it.Washington Post (Sep 13, 2021)
  10. consistency
    uniformity or stability in arrangement, behavior, or quality
    She agreed with my overall point, but she cautioned me not to make too much of consistency.New York Times (Sep 2, 2021)
Created on September 23, 2021 (updated September 23, 2021)

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