Unit 1: Spelling Practice 1

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  1. beginning
    the act of starting something
  2. digging
    the act of digging
  3. doggedly
    with obstinate determination
  4. flattened
    having been flattened
  5. forbidding
    an official prohibition or edict against something
  6. getting
    the act of acquiring something
  7. gripping
    capable of arousing and holding the attention
  8. jagged
    having a sharply uneven surface or outline
  9. lipped
    having a lip or lips
  10. propeller
    device with blades that rotate to push against air or water
  11. quizzically
    in a questioning manner
  12. regrettable
    deserving or giving rise to disappointment or guilt
  13. robber
    a thief who steals from someone by threatening violence
  14. rotten
    having decayed or disintegrated
  15. rubbing
    effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure
  16. sitting
    the act of assuming or maintaining a seated position
  17. splitting
    resembling a sound of violent tearing as of something ripped apart or lightning splitting a tree
  18. stopped
    (of a nose) blocked
  19. swimming
    the act of swimming
  20. trimmed
    made neat and tidy by trimming
Created on February 22, 2021 (updated March 3, 2021)

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