Excerpt from "The Diary of Anne Frank"

Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett were moved by details from the diary of Anne Frank to develop their Pulitzer Prize-winning play. This list is based on a scene where the characters are affected by a piece of bread and a piece of news.

Here are all the word lists to support the reading of Grade 8 Unit 3's texts from SpringBoard's Common Core ELA series: Night, First They Came for the Communists, Terrible Things, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Diary of a Young Girl, Elie Wiesel Speech, Do Something!, Wangari Maathai, Freerice.com, Public Service Announcements, Famine as a Weapon

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  1. illuminate
    make lighter or brighter
    In the darkness, a figure is faintly illuminated, crouching over, gnawing on something.
  2. tremble
    move quickly and involuntarily up and down or sideways
    Trembling, Mr. van Daan jumps to his feet.
  3. clutch
    hold firmly, usually with one's hands
    He is clutching a piece of bread.
  4. panic
    an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety
    (Putting the bread on the table. In a panic.)
  5. strain
    difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension
    We're all living under terrible strain.
  6. obligation
    the state of being bound to do or pay something
    If my husband had any obligation to you, it's paid for.
  7. frantically
    in an uncontrolled manner
    The buzzer rings frantically, breaking the silence.
  8. incredible
    beyond belief or understanding
    Everyone...everyone...the most wonderful, incredible news!
  9. stream
    flow freely and abundantly
    (Tears streaming down her cheeks.)
  10. invasion
    the act of marching aggressively into another's territory
    The invasion. The invasion has begun!
  11. grasp
    understand the meaning of something
    (They stare at her, unable to grasp what she is telling them.)
  12. embrace
    squeeze tightly in your arms, usually with fondness
    (Weeping, embracing his daughters.)
  13. convulsive
    affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions
    (Mr. van Daan breaks into a convulsive sob.)
  14. static
    crackling or hissing noise caused by electrical interference
    Amidst much static, Eisenhower's voice is heard from his broadcast of June 6, 1944.
  15. assault
    close fighting during the culmination of a military attack
    Although the initial assault may not have been made in your own country, the hour of your liberation is approaching.
Created on September 14, 2015 (updated October 26, 2017)

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