Rampant Roots: TERRA

An itemization of containing the root 'terra'.

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  1. extraterrestrial
    originating, located, or occurring outside Earth
  2. Mediterranean
    the largest inland sea; between Europe and Africa and Asia
  3. subterranean
    being or operating under the surface of the earth
  4. terrace
    usually paved outdoor area adjoining a residence
  5. terra cotta
    a hard unglazed brownish-red earthenware
  6. terra firma
    the solid part of the earth's surface
  7. terrain
    a piece of ground having specific characteristics
  8. terrarium
    transparent container in which plants and animals are kept
  9. terrestrial
    of or relating to or characteristic of the planet Earth
  10. terrier
    any of several breeds of small, short-bodied dog
  11. territorial
    of or relating to a geographical area
  12. territory
    a region marked off for administrative or other purposes

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