President Trump's First State of The Union Address (2018)

President Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address on January 30, 2018, broadly outlining his agenda for the coming year on matters both foreign and domestic. Here are 20 vocabulary words drawn from the President's speech. The full transcript of the speech can be found here.

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  1. infrastructure
    basic facilities needed for the functioning of a country
    As we rebuild our industries, it is also time to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.
  2. selfless
    showing concern for the welfare of others
    Kenton Stacy would have died if not for Justin's selfless love for a fellow warrior.
  3. aftermath
    the consequences of an event
    We saw the volunteers of the "Cajun Navy," racing to the rescue with their fishing boats to save people in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane.
  4. ironclad
    inflexibly entrenched and unchangeable
    Most importantly, these four pillars will produce legislation that fulfills my ironclad pledge to only sign a bill that puts America first.
  5. regime
    the governing authority of a political unit
    Around the world, we face rogue regimes, terrorist groups, and rivals like China and Russia that challenge our interests, our economy, and our values.
  6. vocational
    of or relating to an occupation
    Let us open great vocational schools so our future workers can learn a craft and realize their full potential.
  7. unwavering
    marked by firm determination or resolution
    And we celebrate our police, our military, and our amazing veterans as heroes who deserve our total and unwavering support.
  8. detention
    a state of being confined (usually for a short time)
    I just signed an order directing Secretary Mattis to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay.
  9. streamline
    contour economically or efficiently
    Any bill must also streamline the permitting and approval process — getting it down to no more than two years, and perhaps even one.
  10. stagnation
    a state of inactivity
    After years of wage stagnation, we are finally seeing rising wages.
  11. accountability
    responsibility to someone or for some activity
    All Americans deserve accountability and respect — and that is what we are giving them.
  12. testament
    strong evidence for something
    Seong-ho's story is a testament to the yearning of every human soul to live in freedom.
  13. bipartisan
    supported by both sides
    In recent months, my Administration has met extensively with both Democrats and Republicans to craft a bipartisan approach to immigration reform.
  14. sequester
    set apart from others
    For this reason, I am asking the Congress to end the dangerous defense sequester and fully fund our great military.
  15. exploited
    taken advantage of
    Crucially, our plan closes the terrible loopholes exploited by criminals and terrorists to enter our country -- and it finally ends the dangerous practice of "catch and release."
  16. reform
    make changes for improvement to remove abuse and injustices
    And just as I promised the American people from this podium 11 months ago, we enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history.
  17. depraved
    deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper
    We need only look at the depraved character of the North Korean regime to understand the nature of the nuclear threat it could pose to America and our allies.
  18. clarity
    the quality of being coherent and easily understood
    As we strengthen friendships around the world, we are also restoring clarity about our adversaries.
  19. yearning
    prolonged unfulfilled desire or need
    Seong-ho's story is a testament to the yearning of every human soul to live in freedom.
  20. respiration
    the bodily process of inhalation and exhalation
    He then performed CPR for 20 straight minutes during the ground transport and maintained artificial respiration through 2 hours of emergency surgery.

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