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Them's fightin' words. Well, friendly competition words, anyway! Here are some of the terms associated with the Vocabulary Bowl, in which schools compete to master the most words.
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  1. vocabulary
    a language user's knowledge of words
  2. academic
    associated with an educational institution
  3. competition
    the act of contending with others for rewards or resources
  4. marathon
    any long and arduous undertaking
  5. progress
    gradual improvement or growth or development
  6. ranking
    position on a scale in relation to others
  7. juggernaut
    a massive inexorable force
  8. rivalry
    the act of competing as for profit or a prize
  9. underdog
    one who is at a disadvantage and expected to lose
  10. upstart
    of someone who has suddenly risen economically or socially
  11. challenge
    issue a call to engage in a contest or fight
  12. perseverance
    the act of continuing or repeating
  13. teamwork
    cooperative labor done by a group
  14. strive
    attempt by employing effort
  15. sesquipedalian
    a very long word (a foot and a half long)
  16. gauntlet
    a glove of armored leather that protects the hand
  17. practice
    a customary way of operation or behavior
  18. champion
    someone who has won first place in a competition
  19. achievement
    the action of accomplishing something
  20. master
    a person who has authority over others
Created on November 9, 2017 (updated December 4, 2017)

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